Truck Driving School Long Beach

G Medical Truck Driving school is positioned to offer you a service that you can count on in a convenient fashion. We are located on Willow street just minutes from the Port of Los Angeles and we have over 20 years of experience putting safe drivers on the road, we can always schedule an appointment for you and we have a great alternative to the expensive truck driving schools that cost so much you can barely afford it.

With the growing rate of online purchasing, truck driving is becoming the wave of the future, you are almost guaranteed a job if you have a decent driving record. After completing our training you are almost assured to pass your commercial driving exam and to get  job placement in the transportation field.

CDL Training Long Beach

We have an excellent special we are now offering of $300.00 for your 6 hours of commercial driving behind the wheel and if you sign up for 12 hours or more you are going to be issued a free commercial physical exam and drivers education packet completely for free. call now and we can customize the right plan for you to get your commercial license from our truck driving school today.

Classroom Instruction

  • $250 this includes test booklets and links to online training. ( more than just the necessary information to pass the test  )

G Medical has excellent history of offering high-quality truck driving school services we have a great rate and a great online training class. All you would have to do is watch our online training videos pass your permit exam and then start to schedule your behind the wheel instruction, this is very significant coming from an experienced driving instructor  and real life truck drivers that work in the field.

Behind-the-Wheel Training

  • $300 for ever 6 hrs of training , when you sign up for 12 or more hours of training the $250 drivers education can be included completely for free.

We appreciate your business, high-quality truck driving schools come very few and far between, most truck driving schools on the market charge thousands upon thousands of dollars because to tell you the truth it’s a skill that will bring you an income of thousands of dollars.

cdl-test-center-long-beachMost of the time you’ll have to trade your time for those thousands of dollars for the ability to learn the skill for a year and get paid a very low rate while you train.

If that works for you then this is not the best option for you you can go to the big truck driving schools like CR England, GSF trucking, and the list goes on and on. This truck driving school will give you affordable truck driving school training that won’t over charge you, but at the same time you can make payments and pay for your training outright and learn from quality truck drivers that actually work in the field.

We offer guaranteed job placement as well as the ability to finance your own truck and as an owner operator you are going to the field making a lot more than you would have if you were to be a truck driver working for a major company making $.25-$.30 per mile while driving all over the country for a year to pay off your training. This is an alternative that can secure you into financial freedom for the future.

  • You may have a little experience and you just need to rent our vehicle. If that’s the case you can use our vehicle for your truck drivers test for $300.00


CDL Certification Training

Getting your commercial drivers license is definitely a great idea, to tell you the truth this is a business that never fail weather it be corona virus or recession etc. What ever the case truck will always be on the road delivering the necessary products to the stores where they need to go. In fact the demand is actually raising in the near future, so don’t wait , get that money that you have been saving and invest it in yourself to learn something that will always bring you an income.