Here at G Medical CPR classes have been one of our signature services we’ve been offering for almost 10 years now we have had hundreds of satisfied customers we have great reviews and our prices with our quality come second to none.

CPR Classes LAX

Our CPR training and instructor course are the top of the line in quality education to deliver the best educational experience possible when it pertains to CPR training including first aid for adult child and infant.

CPR Classes Culver City

We offer CPR classes in the Los Angeles area (although we have multiple locations) we cover the entire city please give us a call to find the location nearest you. We offer two major courses CPR and first aid and also BLS for healthcare providers we offer these classes every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 p.m. and on Saturday mornings at 9 a.m.

The classes are around 3 hours long and you get your certification of completion at the conclusion of the class after passing a skills examination. We do lecturing with a dry erase board, we have high quality videos, and we learn from real life experiences from EMTs and licensed paramedics in the field not to mention the skills training that we have on our vast amount of mannequins where every student will be able to have one mannequin per student/

We have a great deal of equipment so the comfortability of the class is going to be top of the line